Summer vacation plans at Cap dagde 2021

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joi 11 februarie 2021

Witam, jesteśmy młodą parą z Polski. Planujemy naszą podróż tego lata. Czy jakaś młoda para chce dzielić z nami pokoje?


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Hallo, wir sind ein junges Paar aus Polen. Wir planen unsere Reise diesen Sommer. Möchte ein junges Paar Zimmer mit uns teilen? Grüße,

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We are descent & cultured cpl. We have a plan to visit cda this summer. So we thinking of plan to s stay with other descent couple so that we can swap and enjoy together. Last time we stayed in camping place. This time we yet to plan our stay.. Any good behavior young & energetic couple interested in the same plan?

Warm Regards,

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since you are both under 40, we suggest you join this group: