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Mr. GameOn big 5-oh! - Validation Party

Acesta este un eveniment cu validare oficială Această caracteristică este disponibilă numai pentru categoriile Cuplu și Single

Toți utilizatorii SpicyMatch care au participat la acest eveniment va primi noastr ă Validare  Oficiala. Solicitați validarea de la personalul de la intrarea evenimentului și asigurați-vă să comunicați porecla corectă.


2021 is the big year where Mr. SpicyMatch, Mr. Gameon, Mr. C, Mr.CallMeWhatTheFunkYouWant hits the BIG 5-oh!.... F**K ME !....... I'm growing old....

and seeing as Cap d'Agde has literally become my second home I decided to celebrate my birthday with a complete takeover of Jardin de Babylone...... 5 days of partying, sex, and doing whatever the funk we want....... Pool Parties, Foam Parties, Le Glamour, Eros, Melrose, the beach, boat rides........ hey, I'm only 25 twice !


Needless to say, if you got an invite, it's clear you mean something to me and I'd love it if you could join me celebrating this milestone. If you didn't get an invite but you'd like to join...... hmm..... send us the most artisticly perverted message telling why you'd like to be with us...... and we'll think about it.


This is a closed event and we're going to try get as many friends together from all over the world as possible...... we've got special rates for Jardin de Babylone which unfortunately we cannot publish, however we'll message you all privately about these 😉

For those of you who have never been to Cap d'Agde, get in touch and I'll explain everything. The photo in the flyer is from a pool party @ the Jardin de Babylone... where hundreds of naughty people get together to have lots and lots of fun !


Le Jardin de Babylone
Le Jardin de Babylone is the resort where the legendary Pool Parties are held. It's on the outskirts of the Village Naturist, so quiet at night, but only a 5 minute walk from all the partying. 1st and 2nd Category apartments can host 2 couples sharing the same apartment (1 bedroom and 1 sofa bed) at an additional cost. If this is something that interests you, get in touch privately.

What's Included

Everyone knows that we leave no stone unturned when we organise travel events. We've got a huge programme of events planned, which will also include:

  • Free Pool Parties both at Jardin d'Eden, and Jardin de Babylone
  • Foam Parties @ Le Glamour Mousse
  • Themed Parties
  • Continental Buffet Breakfast
  • Free Transfer from the Village Entrance to the Resort
  • SpicyMatch Cap D'Agde VIP Bracelet (Skip the queues, discounts, etc)
  • Apartment Cleaning (housekeeping)
  • Free WIFI
  • and much much more....




Tipul Categoria Disponibilitate Pret
1st Category Apartment - Ground Floor Disponibilitate Terminat 1.700,00
1st Category Apartment - 1st Floor Disponibilitate Terminat 1.700,00
2nd Category Apartment - Ground Floor Disponibilitate Terminat 1.600,00
2nd Category Apartment - 1st Floor Disponibilitate 1 1.600,00
2nd Category Apartment - 2nd Floor Disponibilitate Terminat 1.600,00
Studio Apartment - Ground Floor Disponibilitate Terminat 1.500,00
Studio Apartment - First Floor Disponibilitate Terminat 1.500,00
Extra Nights 1st Category Diverse Disponibilitate 3 310,00
Extra Nights 2nd Category Diverse Disponibilitate 7 290,00
Extra Nights Studio Apartment Diverse Disponibilitate 5 270,00