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luni 2 aprilie 2018

"I would like to buy you something" he said.

"ok, what is it?" she smiled at him and he knew he got her interest. "Something for my pleassure", he answered.

"will I like it?" she asked

"yes, although ..."

"... although?" she got curious

"although it is for my pleasure, so get ready, we are leaving in 10 minutes"

"but I'm hungry, we were supposed to go for dinner" she started to be ungry

"dinner waits, we will go there afterwards"

He didn't say a word in the car on the way there and she didn't dare to ask. She would like to know what's going on through his mind, but over the time she is his, she learned not to disturb him in his thinking.

They arrived to very quiet street in Paris. All houses were old and what she knew they were always inherited from one generation to another. She could imagine the price of the appartment there.

"A shop here?" she asked. "Yes" he answered simple. They approached the house, it was all dark and she couldn't see which door bell he pressed. The door got opened immediatelly and they entered. The appartment didn't look like a shop at all. It was like normal appartment, the lights were totally dimed and furtniture was old, very stylish with heavy curtains, big chairs, more antique style.

Towards came young, very nice lady. "Good evening Mr. X".

"Good evening Natasha. Take please Ela to the red room. I would like to buy her something and need your professional help with it."

"Yes Sir" answered Natasha and showed Ela one door to follow her.

Ela's thoughts were running crazy "from where he knows her name, she is very nice, young, attractive.... why she calls him "Sir"?" She wanted to ask him, but the room they entered totally occupied her attention. There was no window, at least not visible one. The walls were covered with red carpets, the floor was with heavy dark floofy carpet, there was one huge sofa, red colored, with wooden table ready with champaign in the ice basket with 2 glasses.

"I want you to get naked. Natasha will help you." Ela look around and noticed that Natasha was already getting champaign into two glasses. "Relax baby, you will love what I want to buy you."

Ela was getting nervous, but there was no way not to follow orders of her Master. She learned already in the past how to obey him, and sometimes it was not the finest way.

Her thoughts were distructed by Natasha who started to unzipp her dress at the back. Ela could smell her soft parfume, her hands were very soft. Ela had the feeling that she touched her little bit more than what was necessary. Maybe it was just her nervousity.

"Natasha covered the eyes of Ela" he ordered. Ela looked at him, but he was occupied by magazines he checked through, "and Natasha I want also this and this". He showed Natasha something in the prospects. "Yes Sir" answered Natasha. Ela couldn't see what it was. She knew that she is only his toy here and he told her that this is going to be his pleasure. So there was anything she could do, only to wait.

Natasha came to her and covered her eyes with mask. Ela couldn't see anything. "I said naked" heard Ela Master's voice. "Yes Sir" answered Natasha and Ela could feel how she slowly open her bra at the back and started to roll down her panties and then her stockings. "Ok and now the other staff" he insisted. "Yes Sir" answered Natasha again.

Ela could feel slight pushing by Natasha towards the wall. She turned her into one direction and took first her hands and then her legs. She fixed them into chains. Then she gave her ball into her mouth and fixed it around her head.

Ela couldn't move anymore. She could imagine shopping differently, but again, this was his pleasure. She tried to breath with nose and get relaxed with all the chain and leather on her legs and arms.

"Now it is better", he said. "we can start to try things on". At least Natasha is nice, though Ela.

"Natasha I want to try this and then this." he ordered. "Yes Sir, I'll bring it immediatelly." Ela could hear the door opened and closed. She waited that He will tell her something or at least touch her, but he didn't. She was like alone in the room. The door got opened again and closed and Ela could smell soft parfume of Natasha next to her. Natasha's hands were slowly dressing some corsette around her breasts and waist. It was soft material, but construction was pretty hard. Natasha closed all the buttons and then started to tight the corsette around her. It was very hard for the Ela to breath, the corsette was squeezing her and the ball in the mouth was also not helping to breath. Finally Natasha was ready with corsette. Then she continued with stockings. First unfixed one leg of Ela, put stocking on, then the second leg. She fixed the stockings to the corsette. Ela felt that her nipples are outside of the corsette and her pussy was also not covered. She felt totally opened for her Master.

"Natasha, I like it, but I have the feeling that Ela doesn't enjoy it. Bring me also this and this too, just in case" he ordered. "Yes Sir", answered Natasha. "and don't forget sweat dream Natasha". "Yes Sir" and Ela could hear the door opened and closed again. Also this time her Master didn't tell or touch her. She was already getting tired in chains and ungry that she is fixed here and can't do anything.

Natasha came back and stand next to Ela. Ela waited, she didn't know what to expect. "What are you waiting for Natasha?" he asked. Ela started to be nervous, what is Natasha supposed to do to her? Suddenly she felt hands on her breasts. Natasha placed her hands on the breasts. They were warm, soft as she started to play with Ela's breasts and nipples, squeezing them, massaging, playing with her nipples untill they started to react to her touches. Ela could't hold it and pushed her head back. The touching of Natasha was unbelievable, soft, but demanding. The hands were moving on her breasts over the new corsette. Ela was feeling her inner was getting hot and she let herself to fall into Natasha's touches. Natasha moved on with one hand over breasts and the second one started to drop to Natasha's waist to her pussy. Natasha realised the change and little bit chilled out. "Relax baby, enjoy it", she heard her Sir to order her. Natasha continued till she reached Ela's pussy. She started to massage her, pulling apart her pussy, slowly going over her clit and inside with one and then two fingers. The feeling was great. Ela started to move towards Natasha hands to get more and more from this great feeling.

Natasha pushef Ela little bit away from the wall and let her to bent down. Ela followed the navigation of Natasha, it was like Natasha's hands were glued on Ela's breasts and pussy. Ela's hipps were now opened to Natasha and Ela felt slight movement of Natasha's hands from Ela's breasts to her ass. One hand was still playing with her pussy and the other one started to massage her ass. Ela felt some sticky gel on Natasha's fingers as Natasha started to play with Ela's buttocks. It didn't take long and Ela felt buttock in her ass. It was great feeling after all the pussy massage, getting her clit crazy.

"Go Natasha", heard suddenly Ela from her Sir. "You stay as you are Ela, don't move" was further instruction from the Sir. Ela nearly cried from the pain, she was nearly coming and now he stopped it. She wants more, she needs the hands from Natasha to continue to make her come. She will not hold it now. It was gorgeous feeling, at the same time pain.

Natasha left the room without any word and Ela could smell his Sir next to him. "Did you enjoy it?" he asked. She nodded with her head, as she still had the ball in her mouth.

"Natasha is really good. I knew you will enjoy it, but ... we are here for my pleasure. And you forgot one important rule." Ela moved with head. She couldn't believe that he made it to her. All she wants is to come. Her pussy is crying for his penis, her ass is filled with buttocks, just take her. "Do you know what rule you broke?" he asked. Ela moved her head in "no" direction. "You nearly came without my permission and you know the price for it.

Ela couldn't move, all she wanted is to enjoy it and now she will pay this price gor it: 25 hits with the wipe. "This time I want that you remember it properly, seams you are forgetting my rules." Suddenly his penis entered the Ela's wet pussy. The pleassure of having his penis inside was mixed with the hit of the wipe of her back, legs and breasts.

Ela counted till 25 and then collapsed on the side of the wall. "Natasha will help you to get ready for our dinner baby." he said. The door got opened and Natasha entered. "We have to try something else next time, I didn't like the material on your skin baby" with these words he left the room.

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Nice story! Very exciting. We would love to read some more stories. Especially with couples.

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