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miercuri 9 mai 2018

I was sad to see Kestrelhydro close down and miss it a lot. I am looking for another venue. I would love a female to accompany me. Xx

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OMG me too!!! The weather was so nice the other day, usually I'd go and sunbathe, take a trip to the dark room to see if I could get some bi fun (so miss that room) and now there is nowhere to go.... The council's claim of "Green Belt" infringements when the whole of Heathrow and Simson is being overdeveloped with a third fing runway, is laughable. Need to get naked real soon. peace & Love

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I went to BGHS recently, nowhere near as good. Plus it's a long trip for me. It is nice and clean and good food , if you know any ladies that want a threesome let me know