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duminică 16 octombrie 2022

Hi all,

we are planning a vacation this summer in Cap D'adge.

We have never been there before and we are quite inexperienced.

What would be the best period to go there? We are thinking June or July.

Also how is Cap D'adge structured, is it all the town naturist friendly or there are specific areas?

Is there a better area to find accommodation or anything near the beach will be ok?

We would like have some suggestion from people who have been there before and/or use to have regular holidays there.

Thanks for any reply!

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The village itself is fine to explore (naked), it's a strange thing to do the grocery shopping in the Spar naked but I found that very easy to get used to. At the SW end of the beach about half or over of it's 2km length it's just a normal naturist beach. The vast majority are naked and there are families with children. The NE most (small) part of the naturist beach seems to be predominantly occupied by gays, mostly men but some lesbian couples as well. The remaining section between those two is the 'play' beach, all sorts of heterosexual 'adult' activity goes on there. So I guess Cap is a lot of things, some good (naked shopping, walking cycling) and some things for only if your tastes tend toward exhibitionism or more. But it is certainly possible to avoid anything you don't want to see/be part of (or make sure you CAN be involved by being in the right place). The clubs (there are lots) all have a different vibe and requirements re dress code. In the evenings it's common to see bondage gear of all sorts being worn by people walking to/from clubs.The season only really starts at the begining of June, a lot is closed until then.

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We will be 13-20 july Naturiste Heliopolis hotel 🫦

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Oh.. that's unfortunate .. we will be there the week after (23-30 July) at Residence Hoteliere Nature a & Spa

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Not the sametime ☹

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And I will be there frome about June 20 for a week so we all miss each other.