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vineri 21 octombrie 2022

Hi we are going to hedonism in Jamaica end of November. We was wondering if anyone had been and what it was really like 💋

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We were in Hedo twice.
Overall we loved it and even met s nice Canadians for sexual meeting which was absolutely fantastic.
It was the first time for us to have sex with others and it turn to be very successful.
If you’re going for sexy vacation ask to get room at the nude area.
(Not the prude).
During the day we spend most of the time at the beach ne’er the pool bar. Very nice place. At the pool it is very croweded and you get to touch people not intentionally when you move. The drinks are great and unlimited.

If you are going for sex. / don’t be shay. If you like another couple approach them and show interest.

There are few water sports:
Boat take you for a snorkeling don’t miss it.
You have also Sap and Jim.

Last. There is s play room Huge. Open from 11 pm and only naked couple could get inside.
Inside you could make sex on a swing or in matrices on the floor.
Very quiet (too much quiet)
But very sexy place that you must visit.
If you meet another couple - after few drinks it would be just mutual to get with them to the darknrook.

Cloth. Get the sexiest cloth you have. This is to get them on and get to the public.
It is very safe place and we did not have any sexual harassment experience .

Be sexy and enjoy,

Let me know if you need any more details.


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Thanks for the nice reply and taking the time to right to us John and Angela x

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You’re more than Welcome. Will love to play with you any time soon