How to host a swingers party ?

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vineri 6 septembrie 2013

My husband & I are new to the swingers world, and are wanting to host a party in the near future, what tips & or trick can you give us ?

All info is appreciated.

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Hi, we've been swinging for a few years and don't mind hosting at our place, as it reduces the logistics of getting to and from venues!
Some tips you might like:
- Advertise the party as early as possible (at least two weeks in advance) so others can get organised.
- Make sure you outline exactly what kind of party you are having - couples only / gangbang / fancy dress etc., so potential guests get a feel for the type of party it's going to be.
- House must be spotless. No excuses. Fresh sheets, clean couches, immaculate kitchen, bathrooms and floors.
- Explain out of bounds areas and other rules (photos?) to guests as they arrive.
- Most people will bring their own, but have an extra supply of condoms, lube and tissues handy.
- Have some food available - food that doesn't stick to fingers, make the guests fart or promote bad breath is a good start! Some healthy snacks like fruit is always a good option.
- Keep some extra alcohol handy and plenty of glasses / ice.
- As the host, you must be prepared to evict those who misbehave or are "not up to standard." Can be difficult but necessary at times. Keep it polite but firm if someone is being difficult.
- Use an iPod with various playlists - chillout music is great, but it whatever you choose, it will have a direct influence on the mood of the party.
- Enjoy!